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 "Action may not always bring happiness; but there is no happiness without action. "

Benjamin Disraeli




President's Message

May sneaked up on me, probably because one week is is +17C and above and the next week we are down to +4C.  Oh well, such is life

I did spend a lot of time in April moving and removing some of my perennial and have noticed that they are all starting to come up, so I must have done something right.

We have created a new CLARA badge, and are just waiting for a quote on how much it is going to cost to get X number made.  These of course are going to be for the Birthday Bash in July  2017. We are also looking at doing aprons, the ones with the bib, I like big aprons, and this will have our CLARA logo on it.   So if you love baking or know someone who does, these would make great gifts. Don't know the price yet either.

Flea-markets and ham-fests will be starting soon and I hope you will advertise CLARA to all.  We will be sending out some recruitment posters soon to our reps. We really need to get more information out to the public.  There are a lot of girls who are amateur radio ops, and these are the ones we would like to have as members. So if you know of new YLs or some other YL's please introduce them to CLARA, we really do need more members to help give us a new lease on life so to speak. We really would like CLARA to last for another 50 years.

So that's it for now, hope you are able to get out and enjoy the spring without winter jackets and boots. Take care.

33, 73, & 88 as the case may be




We're having a party:  please go to the CLARA's 50th Birthday Bash page for more information.



WANTED: One (1) YL who would be willing to take on the position of YL News & Views Column for RAC's TCA. Unfortunately, I am waiting for 3 major eye surgeries and can no longer continue with it. The Editor, Alan is a great fella to work for. Please think about taking this position and let me know so I can let RAC know. Thank you girls for thinking about it.  Val VE5ACJ

At times we have had a lot of QRM on our 20M CLARA Net, which runs Tuesdays at 1700.  So if you can't find us on 14.120, please turn your dial to 14.123.  I am sure you will hear us as you get closer.  


It has come to our attention that many folks who need to send in a change of address or articles to share and don't know where to send it. So please go to the Contact Us page, and you will find your area reps along with their email address. Please forgive us for this oversight, Also, under QSL & Contests, please find our Net Frequencies and time. Note that all our CLARA nets run from September to the end of May.

Please Check out the Upcoming Event's Page. This will have upcoming events for the current month. This page will only work if everyone sends me the information.  


Happy Birthday to all our






So glad you are here, please take the time to look through our site. You are welcome to send articles or pictures to the webmaster.  We would love to hear from you