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 The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it.

Hubert H. Humphrey



This is an awesome article on our very own Merle, VE1VR.  My thanks to John WØPV for putting this on QRZ.com  Also Thanks to QRZ.com

Please click Merle Taylor -  Mave of Morse Code

This is a well composed biography of a truly remarkable Canadian woman of The Greatest Generation. I thought you might enjoy viewing it too. She didn't become a ham until 1986! 73 de John - WØPV

President's Message

Ok,  so now it is August, as as usual things are starting to get piled up on this end.  I said to myself, not going to get a pile of things to do at the end of the month, I will have all of it done and ready to go-right. Life happens.

So now in saying that:  the Birthday Party Committee has been working hard over the past month and things are moving along very well.  We have a new crest that is ready for the birthday party, and Ann VE3HAI got a wonderful company to do the embroidery.  We have not set the price for this badge, but will be doing so when we have our meeting in Sept.  I have been busy with the suggestion from Helen VA1YL that we have souvenir aprons for sale, and they will be ready shortly.  The aprons will have our CLARA logo on it.  Again, no price has been set, but I promise it won't be too expensive.

As you can see by the pictures, they both turned out wonderful. The apron logo looks like the background is grey, but it is not-it will be white as the logo is embroidered onto the bib of the apron.  The two logos do look a bit different from each other, but that is because we had to do some special things to it before we sent it to the apron company. So it is now the new logo.


 I probably didn't have this write up in the CLARION as I think I lost my copy, but that's ok.

The committee still has a bit of work to do on the registration form, and again that will be done shortly, but first I must go to Winnipeg, try out the hotel, make sure the rooms are what we expect and most importantly will be to check out the food.  I will be taking my OM Harv VE5AC, and he is a real good judge of food.  Will also be taking Pat VE4PEH and Pete VE4PH who both live in Winnipeg, so we should be able to give an accurate report.

We had a lovely 12 days of camping, with only 2 little rain showers, no mosquitoes.  Now here we are in August and the little blood suckers are out in full force.  Must have been the 160mm (6.5 inches of rain) we got in the last 2 weeks of July.

Also, just a reminder that I hope those of you who quilt  are doing your Maple Leaf block for the Birthday Quilt, and that those of you who don't have been able to find a quilter who will be willing to do you a block.  The quilt information is on the CLARA's Quilt page.  I am so looking forward to seeing that quilt.  Please remember if you are sending your quilted square to me it must be here no later than March 15, 2017.  I have to have all the squares into Margaret AE7MB by April 1, 2017

Lastly, CLARA will be having a certificate for our 50th Birthday Bash.  It will be for contacts during the year if I am not mistaken.  Have not worked all the kinks out of it yet, but again the rules and picture of the certificate will be on the website no later than January.  Linda VE9GLF is designing the certificate, and once we have it, we will have the rules as well.  It is going to be a Great Party year.  So stay tuned for all the upcoming news.

The registration form will be up on the website and will be in the CLARION starting in January 2017.  I know that seems like a long time off, but trust me, time flies by.  I started organizing the party in January of this year, and already 7 months have passed.  

Hope to see as many of you as is possible next July.  In the meantime, please take care, have a wonderful month of August.  Prayers for those who want them, need them and anyone else who doesn't mind a prayer or two.

That's it for now girls.

33, 73, & 88 as the case may be




We're having a party:  please go to the CLARA's 50th Birthday Bash page for more information.  Also please go to CLARA's Quilt for information.  There are patterns and pictures.  You don't have to do the squares that are on that page, just as long as it is a maple leaf and our colors are red & white.



At times we have had a lot of QRM on our 20M CLARA Net, which runs Tuesdays at 1700.  So if you can't find us on 14.120, please turn your dial to 14.123.  I am sure you will hear us as you get closer.  


It has come to our attention that many folks who need to send in a change of address or articles to share and don't know where to send it. So please go to the Contact Us page, and you will find your area reps along with their email address. Please forgive us for this oversight, Also, under QSL & Contests, please find our Net Frequencies and time. Note that all our CLARA nets run from September to the end of May.

Please Check out the Upcoming Event's Page. This will have upcoming events for the current month. This page will only work if everyone sends me the information.  


Happy Birthday to all our




So glad you are here, please take the time to look through our site. You are welcome to send articles or pictures to the webmaster.  We would love to hear from you