It is now Full Steam Ahead for our Big International Birthday Bash


Please click here for the Program for the Birthday Bash.  Times may change

Please click here for the Registration for the Birthday Bash.  Please make sure you send it to Heather VE3HQH



 Pat VE4PLG is telling folks about CLARA and the upcoming Birthday Bash at the WARC flea-market in Winnipeg April 23rd.



The 2017 CLARA Birthday Bash Certificates.

CLARA has arranged for five different certificates to be made available to all radio amateurs who qualify, according to the following conditions.

 These are:

Contact with any 10 YL’s 
Contact with any 10 CLARA Member YL’s – (special certificate )
Contact with any 25 YL’s 
Contact with any 50 YL’s
Contact with any 50 amateur radio stations, YLs and Oms

Work 10 YLs

(only 1 certificate per person)



Work 10 CLARA Members

(you are allowed both certificates, but CLARA members must be different for each)



Work 25 YLs

(only 1 certificate per person)



Work 50 YLs

(only 1 certificate per person)



General Rules

1. All contacts must be made during the 2017 year (January 1 - December 31, 2017).

2. Contacts may be made on any mode consistent with your qualifications, including SSB, CW, digital modes, Echo-Link, and via remote or repeater systems.

3. All logging information must be completed during a single contact. You may not use e-mail or other methods to complete a log entry.

4. Only with the explicit permission of a Net Control Station may eligible contacts be made during the normal operation of a net.

5. It is suggested that entries be recorded on the available logging sheets, which can be downloaded from the CLARA website. Alternatively, computer logs which contain the required information may be submitted via e-mail.
a: That information includes – your serial number, date, time in UTC, at least first name of contact, QTH, Band, mode, and whether or not a CLARA Member, and serial number of contacted ham.

6. These certificates are available to all radio amateurs, YL’s and OM’s.

7. You may only work for 1 certificate in each category, except for the 10 CLARA members. You may work for both certificates but all the CLARA members must be different for each one.

8. Logs must be received by Val no later than January 31, 2018.

9. If you have no computer service and require a mailed out certificate, please enclose a 9x12 Stamped SASE and send to the address below.

Submit logs to:
Val Lemko VE5ACJ
1125 Iroquois St. W.,
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan ,
Canada S6H 5C1

or e-mail to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Submission via e-mail is encouraged. You will be able to print out your certificate at home. They may also be downloaded on a “thumb drive” and colour printed at another location. We are hoping to send out many certificates.

Download the contest logging sheets here.  You may fill out the form on line, or print it out and fill it in by hand.

Hope everyone has fun with this Challenge.


July 18-21, 2017
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Hear is a list of some of the repeaters around Winnipeg.  A more detailed list will be put up at a later date.

Portage la Prairie ve4plp 147.165+ Pl 127.3 linked to ve4man

Starbuck               ve4man 146.610- Pl 127.3  try this from your hotel
Winnipeg              ve4wpg 147.390+ Pl 127.3
Winnipeg              ve4vj     443.500+ Pl 127.3 Pat and I generally hang on this one but coverage from your hotel may not be too good .


Here are 2 pictures of our Birthday Bash Badge and the new CLARA Logo 


After a very successful trip to Winnipeg in late August,  my OM Harv VE5AC and myself came away extremely happy.  

The hotel is wonderful, the meals are awesome and everything is coming together very well.

The hard stuff is done, and now we as in the committee and I are putting the finishing touches on the registration form, and also getting door prizes, and goody bags ready for next July.  I think Pat VE4PEH and I will have overflowing bins with things for you to enjoy.  

Pat has the aprons in Winnipeg, and ladies really if you don't want an apron for yourself, maybe as a gift for someone?  They are fantastic.

As you can see, your President wasn't ready to do any cooking..she was on holidays.  The center picture shows you the embroidery, and the last picture is of Pat VE4PEH.  Not only is she ready to cook, she is also ready for the CLARA net.

The aprons are a very good quality. This is the description: Classic bib apron with extra coverage. No pockets. 65/35 poly/cotton twill with 40" ties and reinforced bar tacking. Measures: 30"W x 34"L . We have our CLARA Logo embroidered on the bib.

If I'm not mistaken, we are selling these souvenir aprons for $15.00 Cnd.  They will have to be prepaid with your registration, and they will be in your gift bag when you arrive at the hotel.  Those of you who can't make the convention, they will be mailed out to you.