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My Adventure To The Boston Convention 2011 by Ann VE3HAI

This summer, my OM Barc (VE3HAH) and I attended the YLRL convention held in Quincy, a suburb of Boston. We arrived at our hotel on the Thursday afternoon and joined a friendly group for dinner; then attended the Meet and Greet. Registration was completed and we got goody bags full of very useful items. One item that intrigued me was a disaster back-pack. It's bright orange-red. Listed on it are the items you would need to survive for 72 hours. You keep it handy with your medications so you can grab it should you be evacuated during a disaster.

Minnie VE3DBQ and Suzanne VE7IM each told me that I would enjoy meeting Sarla VU2SWS/KF5LGT and they were right. Sarla goes to Texas for three months every year to visit her son. This year, she decided to write her American ham exams and passed with flying colours. She has U.S. Extra Class privileges now too. Sarla and I had a number of opportunities to chat during the convention. We often sat together along with Suzanne VE7IM during meals.

On Friday, (the hottest day of the year) we boarded a trolley for a narrated tour of Boston, had lunch at the Quincy Market and then had a harbour tour. We arrived back at our hotel in time to relax and refresh ourselves for the evening. Some YLs went out for dinner, but some of us stayed at the hotel which had a wonderful restaurant on site where we enjoyed a great seafood dinner.

I was delighted to see Blanche K4GXZ there. Blanche was my mentor, when I organized the spouse's program for QCWA in Toronto in 2000. Blanche is 93 now and her daughter and son-in-law came with her. They were at our table for the YL lunch on Saturday. While we were enjoying YL activities, our OMs were taken to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Museum. Barc really enjoyed that.

There were many opportunities to take photos, a few of which you can see on the website. As in all ham get-togethers, the prizes were wonderful. Not only did my OM win the first prize drawn, but I won the second. I also won a beautiful chunni (scarf), handmade in India and donated by Sarla. Suzanne won a wonderful quilted wall hanging made by Lois WB3EFQ

Saturday afternoon, we all boarded a private trolley and visited the John Adams and John Quincy Adams homes. They were the first American father and son presidents. The Bushes were the second. Our history lesson, while in the Adams homes helped us to enjoy the John Adams impersonator, who entertained us at the banquet. He really was good. A highlight of the evening was the YLRL song that the "Rowdies" sang. Do any of you remember them from our CLARA GALA '97? The same bunch wrote a song for the Gala too. Look for the song on the website.

Sunday morning, we got an early start in a private bus to Cape Cod, where we visited the Marconi Museum and the French Cable Station. Would you believe, we had a stowaway? We thought she was with the bus driver and he thought she was with us. I think we convinced her to get her licence; it will be fun to hear her on the air. Next, we enjoyed a very good box lunch before heading to the beach. The sun even came out as we arrived at the beach. Leaving Cape Cod was a slow process on a Sunday evening, so we sustained ourselves by having an ice cream cone on the way home. We arrived back at our hotel for a late dinner and more socializing. Monday morning, Barc and I headed home. Suzanne joined the group going to ARRL Headquarters. She really enjoyed the trip to ARRL.

Suzanne and I had a great time getting to know the YLs. CLARA benefited too, because we have two new members: Sarla VUSWS/KF5LGT sponsored by Suzanne and Lois (president of YLRL) WB3EFQ. I am her sponsor.

In closing, I must tell you that the organizing committee led by Anne WB1ARU (a CLARA member too) did an outstanding job. YLRLs' next convention will be 2014. You would do well to start saving now so you can attend. It will be their 75th anniversary. I hope to be there.

Also there was the fun song "YLRL in Boston" (sing to the tune of Yankee Doodle). This was sung by the Rowdies

YLRL came to Boston
Just to ride the trolley.
Put their backpacks on their back
And everyone was jolly.


YLRL keep it up
YLRL's dandy
YLRL-we have fun,
As long as we have candy.

We are happy to be here.
Right through the construction,
Ove the bridge and round about
Was almost our destruction.


Took a walk through Adams Park
Just to see the mansion.
Rambled on to Old Cape Cod
And saw Marconi's station.


As we went down to Old Cape Cod
We found a stowaway
Had a picnic in the park
And ice cream made the day.


Business meetings, OM tours
Lots to do and see.
YLRL is for us,
We hope you will agree.